මුල් පිටුව | බොදු පුවත් | කතුවැකිය | බෞද්ධ දර්ශනය | විශේෂාංග | වෙහෙර විහාර | ඉංග්‍රිසි ලිපි | පෙර කලාප | දායකත්ව මුදල් |


Useful Hints for Sri Pada Pilgrims

Excessive cold at the summit may cause hyperthermia (loss of body heat). Proper and sufficient clothes should be taken along by the pilgrims. Water resistant jerkins would be ideal to keep the body warm. All this can be carried in a back pack. Desist from using polythene bags.

Some biscuits, lozenges, toffees, sweetmeat, like aggala, aluwa, Thalabola, two three packets of glucose and one or two bottles of water will be very useful.

Climbing should not be done at one continuous stretch. Journey should be broken at intervals for resting. Climbing during night is more advisable.

Those visiting Sri Pada for the first time should climb in a group led by a leader (Nade Gura) who is familiar with the route.

Alcohol must be taboo. Any health problems should be reported to the nearest first-aid centre manned by a doctor, nurses and other medical staff as there are several places like these.

The old and infirm should not visit Sri Pada alone they should be chaperoned by an able bodied person.


Vipassana Meditation:

The study of life

Continued from 10-01-2009

If others abuse you, put your mindfulness at the sound. “Sound, sound.” Who are they abusing? They are just abusing themselves, let it go back to them, don’t take it in. Then your mind will be in a skilful state. This is the first way to solve problems with elementary meditation practice. This is how to solve problems by recollecting on your life. You can reflect on yourself, reflect on your mother, father and benefactors. With meditation you can know the law of karma.

A person who is feeling greed will breaths one way, one who is experiencing anger will breathe another way, one who is deluded will breathe another way - very fast. Jealous people have very strong body odour. People who have wholesome states of mind, whose minds are at ease and who use meditation to solve problems will not have offensive body odour. Solving problems lies right here, not in the books.

Dear scholars, technology cannot solve your family problems. For this you must use the Buddhist teachings and meditation. When meditation is used for solving problems it is of great benefit. When you can read yourself, teach yourself and use yourself, you will see your own death and thus unravel your fixed views, your mind will become wholesome and you will receive immense benefits, Meditation is the Buddhist teaching that solves problems.

There is both learning and insight. If you are depressed by anything, don’t let that depression linger overnight. You must get rid of that depression right now. The past is just a dream, the present is the truth, the future is uncertain. Don’t go digging up the past, don’t worry over other people. What you should do is control your speech wherever you go. Don’t be fainthearted, don’t go reviving the past. Your duty lies in the present. Don’t go grasping after the future and making plans, you will always be disappointed.

Problems must be solved. Buddhism teaches that people should solve problems, not make them. The reason people make problems and cannot solve them is that they throw out the Buddhist teachings, they neglect their true duty, they throw out their social responsibilities, that’s why society is so confused as to why we cannot solve our problems. We must solve problems by ourselves, from the place where they arise. If sadness arises, breathe deeply, put your attention on the solar plexus, and note “sadness, sadness”. Right then and there mindfulness will say, “Why are you being sad? Sadness is not right, we should correct it right now.” You must be able to solve all kinds of problems as I’ve said.

You must note, “gladness, gladness.” Tomorrow you may be going to receive big money, but just note “gladness, gladness.” Why? Because you may be disappointed. You should guard against disappointment. If you do not note these things you are being careless. If you are careless, when the things you love disappear, you will be crying and wailing, you won’t be able to eat or sleep. You may even want to hang yourself or take an overdose of sleeping tablets.

This is where the practice lies: resisting your moods. That which observes the mind is Sati, that which knows is sampajanna. Look into things for yourself and solve problems for yourself, don’t try to solve them with others help. If you are angry at another person, ask why are you angry? This is only your own bad karma, you are merely showing your own faults. You want the other person to meet destruction but you are only destroying yourself. This is bad karma. This is what I want to impart to you all. This is how to solve problems. You must take responsibility for yourself, your own eyes, ears, nose and your mouth.

The mouth is very important. Is your mouth controlled? If you do not solve problems by yourself I guarantee that even if you try to solve problems for a hundred years you will not be successful, and you will only meet with bitter disappointment. I leave this with you, your personal responsibility. This is the results of practising according to the Buddha’s teachings: and this only the beginning.

May you all prosper and be happy!

(Courtesy -Advantages of Chanting and how to Practice Vipassana Meditation.)

දුරුතු අව අටවක පෝය

දුරුතු අව අටවක පෝය ජනවාරි 17 වනදා සෙනසුරාදා අපරභාග 7.57 ට ලබයි. 18 වන දා ඉරිදා අපරභාග 8.57 දක්වා පෝය පවතී.
සිල් සමාදන්වීම
ජනවාරි 18 වනදා ඉරිදාය.

මීළඟ පෝය
ජනවාරි 25 වනදා ඉරිදාය.

පොහෝ දින දර්ශනය

Second Quarterඅව අටවක

ජනවරි 18

New Moonඅමාවක

ජනවරි 25

First Quarterපුර අටවක

පෙබරවාරි 02

Full Moonපසෙලාස්වක

පෙබරවාරි 09

පෝය ලබන ගෙවෙන වේලා සහ සිල් සමාදන් විය යුතු දවස

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