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Bhavana for the Agitated Mind : - Part 07

Bhavana for the Agitated Mind : - Part 07

Siri Sudassanarama
sadaham senasuna
Ven. Dr. Mirisse Dhammika thero

One who undertakes this bhavana may sit in front of a Buddha statue or find an environment suitable for the purpose. It is useful to place a statue in front. First one has to sit comfortably in front of the statue for some time and keep looking at it. Then close the eyes and focus the mind on each and every quality of the Buddha and try to establish samadhi. This samadhi will bring joy and rapture as one realizes the Buddha qualities in-depth. Some may even achieve a higher level of samadhi by getting rid of hindrance factors in the mind.

Bhavana for the Intellectual Mind

Buddhi means wisdom. One who is wise likes to associate with virtuous people and act cautiously without delay. Such an individual does not postpone things unnecessarily. He/She can easily adapt to any environment and never feel disappointed or retreat due to criticism. Obstacles and discrimination. When one is wise, one has the firm determination to realize what is wholesome and what is not. Therefore, for the intellectual mind, bhavana on reflections of death is more appropriate and may achieve progress effectively .

Bhavana on the Reflection on Death

All beings that are born are subject to death – it is inevitable. When the sun rises in the morning, it sets in the evening. Similarly life ends in death. With these thoughts in mind, one is able to realize the impermanent nature of life.

All worldly beings and everything around us appear and disappear, deliverance from this suffering is blissful;

Soon will this body be buried in the soil,

Then it becomes something like a dead trunk in the wood;

Bribes and friendships, certainly do not help to escape the death;

Elder or younger, educated or not, no one can escape the death that is inherent.

Birth comes together with death, like an executioner who always carries out orders to kill;

Death is at war with each one of us,

He is the winner and we are always the losers.

Nothing is permanent in this world we know, suffering brings realization laying the foundation for Nirvanic bliss.

One may chose any one of the above phases and focus on it to establish samadhi. It will allow one to realize how life ends in death through stages of infancy, childhood, adulthood, and old age.

When one trains the mind on this bhavana, one’s mind is occupied with wholesome qualities. Gradually one distances oneself from unwholesome activities. This person develops the desire to cultivate great virtues. All obsessive desires decrease, resulting in mindful calmness. One begins to look at oneself and others with loving kindness. Such an individual attends to his duties and responsibilities towards others without delay.

Therefore, reflecting on death should not be understood as a suggestion that destroys happiness but as a method to achieve more peace and harmony in the mind. Those who forget about death, destroy not only themselves but also others and the society. The mindful individual notices it all around.

Bhavana for the Agitated Mind

One with agitated mind is restless. Mind is attached to many intentions and often the mind and the body are located in different places. Thus, a person with an agitated mind many undertake object bhavana to make progress. The Visuddhimagga explains 10 different object bhavana methods.

They are the methods using the qualities of solidity, fluidity, heat, motion, blue, yellow, red, white, light, parichinna (combination of the stated qualities) objects.

Blue Object Bhavana

Take a piece of round wood or cardboard or approximately twelve inch diameter and cover it with a blue cloth leaving no folds (blue object). Take this object to a quiet place and keep it about a meter in front at eye level. Then sit in a comfortable posture in front of the object. Establish the virtues and focus the eyes on the blue object and think about it making mental notes of “blue, blue, blue” at a moderate pace. Repeat it after closing the eyes. When the mind is focused and samadhi is established you begin to see shining around the blue object. It appears yellow or brown at times. Continue this training with

closed and opened eyes until you see only the blue object with closed eyes. At this stage you are able to focus the mind even without the object. During samadhi, you may see the blue object clearly. When samadhi is established you begin to enjoy physical and mental relief, happiness, and peacefulness within yourself. This is a state that can be achieved, with determination. You should necessarily consult a master during the training period.

May all being be well, happy and peaceful !!!

 බිනර අමාවක


 සැප්තැම්බර් 16 බදාදා අපර භාග 07.56 න් අමාවක ලබා 17 බ්‍රහස්පතින්දා අපරභාග 04.30 න් ගෙවේ.
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Full Moonඅමාවක

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First Quarterපුර අටවක

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Full Moonපසළොස්වක

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