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බුදුසරණ අන්තර්ජාල කලාපය

Help towards the needy

Opening ceremony of samadhi metta village

Nargis Cyclone and floods caused in Myanmar in March 2008 killed 84537 people and hardships by various ways was nearly 250,000 made 800,000 homeless.

Infrastructure facilities including Agricultural Resources, High Ways and Means of Communication in the area were affected. A large number of Temples and schools were destroyed and people were in distress.

Their simple living and culture evolves around Buddha’s Teachings. The qualities such as generosity, compassion and loving kindness, are in everybody, from the infant to the adult. After seeing that sad plight their going through I determined to assist the people.

When this matter was discussed with President Mahinda Rajapaksa he encouraged me to take necessary steps to help the people of Myanmar by informing the benefactors of Taiwan.

The matter was discussed with the Theravadi Samadhi Educational Foundation of Thaiwan too.

When informed the benefactors of Singapore, Malaysia, China and Thailand they subscribed in this social service.

As a result, to construct a village with 1024 houses with all facilities were planned for the people who lost their homes. Within a short period at the first stage 736 houses were built and supplied with household goods too the families.

The new village is named as ‘Samadhi’ Metta Village (loving kindness) it is one of the Four Noble qualities preached by the Buddha.

In addition to these, a school was reconstructed that was destroyed. It was a pleasure to have to donate this school.

Also assisted the families with dry rations, clothes, educational equipment, household equipment and helped them monetarywise.

Donated 36,000 roofing sheets for the temples and houses, and 60 tube wells constructed in addition to these. Robes were offered to the Buddhist Monks; helped to organise Medical Clinics, large number of Dhamma books were donated.

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